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Home Away from Home

Home Reimagined

The Daily House Respite B&B is imagined as a destination away from home that provides relief and relaxation for individuals with disabilities, as well as a retreat for their parents and caregivers. Once in operation (in fundraising stages currently) our services will include respite care and camps/rental camp sites for organizations dealing with special populations. The optimum site will also include businesses run by individuals with differing abilities learning transferrable employment skills on site through individualized training and coaching.

Our sister company, Daily Yaymaker, LLC. offers unique event and travel opportunities for people who otherwise find it difficult to participate in community events and travel. For any inquiries, reach out to us by checking out our website at You can also connect with us by going to our Facebook page, Daily Yaymaker, LLC.

The Meaningful Life They Deserve

Imagine a coffee shop run by a girl who just wants to enjoy a cup and converse with people. Think of a person whose only goal in life is to offer protection and safety for all, and now works as a security staff. Picture a beautiful backdrop of lush greenery maintained by someone who once was chastised for mowing his neighbor's yard without their permission.

The Daily House Respite B&B will give these unique individuals with the opportunity to realize their full potential and achieve their dreams. Contact me, Dawna Daily, for more details!

Share Your Good Fortune

We are still in the start-up stage, and are need of financial assistance of generous donors who believe in what we do. We are accepting donations as a non-profit 501c3 through any First National Bank of Omaha branch under Daily House, Inc.

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